Alternatives to Traditional Cancer Therapy

Many patients today are opting for alternative medical treatments for cancer. With cancer drugs out of reach for many (often costing up to $5,000 or more a month) patients are turning to stem cell research,  and lesser known but often effective methods of treating symptoms and side effects of traditional radiation and chemotherapy, including chelation, ozone therapy, Iscadore and Laetrile, both of which have shown promising results of killing cancer cells while saving healthy ones.

Dr. Francisco Soto and his facility at Advanced Medical Group in Juarez, Mexico, continue to seek advances combining alternative therapies and conventional medicine to provide clinically effective treatments for cancer patients. Dr. Soto treats patients with multiple approaches that take into consideration heart, body and soul, rather than merely focusing on a specific condition, thereby building a true and effective partnership between physician and patient throughout the treatment process.

EmCell, a stem cell research and treatment facility in Ukraine, treats a variety of cancers and cancer symptoms with embryonic or fetal stem cell transplants. Bone cancer, cervical cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer are among the most common cancers diagnosed today, and a variety of cancer treatment centers are offering focused cancer specialist options for many. Ayurveda cancer therapy, skin cancer treatment and other forms of cancer such as lung cancer, kidney cancer and pancreatic cancer need individualized attention when it comes to treatment plans.

Finding the right cancer treatment center or cancer specialist (oncologist) for individuals may require international treatment centers. Affordable cancer treatment is vital to life. Borderless medical care provides more options for cancer patients around the globe.


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