Got a Bum Knee?

Young and old alike can have trouble with their knees, caused by medical conditions like arthritis, or old sports injuries or even disease processes like osteoporosis. Knee surgeries are considered orthopedic procedures performed to address and repair pain in the knee caused by injuries, running, tendinitis or arthritis. After examination and diagnosis, treatment for various knee problems will depend upon the extent of the injury, condition or disease as well as medical history, age, and overall health.

Some of the most common knee surgeries are those that involve joint replacement. As a form of orthopedic surgery or rehabilitation, partial knee replacement or total knee replacement, knee ligaments such as the anterior or posterior cruciate ligament, and even relatively non-invasive orthopedic surgery procedures offer increased mobility, range of motion and quality of life for many. A few of the most commonly performed knee surgery procedures include:

  • Knee Replacement Surgery (Arthroplasty)
  • Knee Ligament Repair
  • Knee Abrasion Arthroplasty


One of the most well known facilities for joint replacement is the Madras Joint Replacement Center, located in Chennai, India. Other world class facilities, including Terme Selce in Croatia, and the CTG Healthcare Group in Izmir, Turkey offer individuals from around the world to enjoy the benefits of affordable and effective knee replacement procedures, orthopedics specialists, and arthroscopic knee surgery abroad.

A total knee replacement in the U.S. can cost up to $75,000 dollars, depending on the type of prosthetic joint replacement chosen, while the same procedure in India costs about $10,000, and includes accommodations, lab work, the procedure, surgeon’s fees and operating room costs. Consumers have choices regarding their medical care these days. Explore your options and choose affordable, professional, experience and expertise for knee surgery abroad, from India to Central Europe.

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