Shoulder Surgery Options Abroad

If you’ve injured your shoulder at work, playing sports, or because of a fall, orthopedic surgery may be your only option to get you back on track. One of the most common types of surgical orthopedics focuses on the shoulder area and requires orthopedics doctors, orthopedic surgeons and may involve a variety of orthopedic services, from orthopedic surgical treatment to sports injury or post-surgical rehabilitation.


Two of the most common methods of orthopedic surgery involve arthroscopic and orthopedic shoulder surgery and open surgery. Open surgery often has better results than with arthroscopy. Surgeons can perform this surgery with small incisions, and healing time is dependent on what type of surgery is performed. Arthroscopy can be done by a surgeon using thin tubes that have lighting and lens being inserted into an incision to look at the shoulder joints on a monitor. Surgical instruments are inserted through the small tubes to perform the procedure. 

Arthroscopy surgery may treat such conditions as Rotator Cuff Repair for tears, Biceps Tendonitis, Shoulder Labral tears, Impingement Syndrome, Frozen Shoulder, and AC (acromioclavicular) Joint Arthritis. 

The cost of shoulder surgery depends on the specific type of procedures performed. In the U.S., shoulder arthroscopy may cost up to $20,000 but visitors to India may pay one-fifth of that amount, while travelers to other locations such as Thailand or Brazil may enjoy savings of up to 80%.


Orthopedics specialists in international medical facilities offer excellent, experienced and affordable orthopedic shoulder surgery, shoulder orthopedics and rehabilitation.

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