Is Cannabis an Anti-Cancer Drug? Learn About the Medical Marijuana Potential Anti-Cancer Properties

Cannabis is not only a drug with psychoactive effects. Scientists showed that THC (the main component of the cannabis plant), possesses anti-cancer properties and these may help reduce the cancerous tumors. But how is this possible?

Cannabis & Tumor Growth Reduction

Cannabis, also known as marijuana, possesses huge therapeutic potential according to recent research findings from the UK & Spain. Cannabinoids, the active chemicals found in the plant, are powerful tumor growth suppressers.

cannabis-anti-cancer-drugCannabinoids act directly in the cancer cells, according to the Spanish Scientists Research. They found that the marijuana main component deactivates cells growth and neutralizes tumor cells in some cancer types such as: brain, prostate and breast cancer, causing the prompt death of cancer cells, “Somehow they commit suicide”, researchers say. These studies clearly indicate a new opportunity to develop a cancer cure for humans.

Other Cannabinoids & Cancer related experiments have also found positive results:

  • Cancer cell death activation,
  • Discontinuance of cancer cell division,
  • A reduction of cancer cells spreading through the body,
  • A decrease of cancer cells attacking healthy tissue,
  • Improvement the immune system’s defense.

With the Cannabinoids’ research & experiments, can we expect a near Cancer cure?

So far, the experiments have been successful in the UK and Spain; however, in others cases cannabis has shown opposite results: they may damage vital blood vessel cells, and promote cancer cells growth.

In addition, it’s not clear which cannabinoid will be more effective, the required doses, or which types of cancer might respond best to them or what is the correct or proper way of managing the medication, as the successful experiments have been done within different conditions, and on mice and rats only.

What we know for sure is that cannabis possesses huge therapeutic potential, nor only due the prescription of medical marijuana use, which is already legal in many different countries worldwide and US states, but apparently it also offers a potential cure for deadly diseases such as cancer.

To know more about Cannabis & Cancer, please take a look to our article: THC Cannabis Cannabinoids and Their Potential Anti-Cancer Properties.

Drea Duque

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