Hip Replacement Cost Affected by Medical Tourism?

We are all aware of the hip replacement cost in developed countries such as the USA or Britain, yet these may be affected by the continuous rise of medical tourism.

Baby boomers have been keen to getting back on their feet and with the increase of medical help found online it is safe to say they have it easier nowadays. Health travel resources such as the leader in the medical tourism industry PlacidWay, pride themselves with quotes for hip replacement cost and other important procedures and so it is rather easy to choose the budget-wise solution.

Why is Hip Replacement Cost so Varied?

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In the US, a recent study showed that hip replacement cost varies between $11,100 and almost $126,000, and the surprise in this area was that some of the hospitals queries regarding hip replacement cost were not answered (transparency issues). The costs put together by researchers were provided by putting together the surgeon’s fee and the hospital care fee.

The researchers wrote that the hundred thousand dollars variation found in local hospital quotes suggest some patients may actually obtain lower prices – a poor negotiation might lead to an unexpected high hip replacement cost. Thus these are important reasons for which the medical tourism industry has risen exponentially for the past 10 years.

And the demands from patients seeking better value for their health care money are still coming. Yet all these may have an impact on the hip replacement cost as more and more people are aware they can get the same procedures cheaper elsewhere and with transparency beginning with the request and all the way to the rehabilitation process.

Where do baby boomers go to lower the hip replacement cost?

India is the most popular in this field, as the country’s low costs for hip replacement are well known throughout the world and with the quality and goodwill included. Hip replacement cost in India is so much lower than other developed countries – at around $5000 for hip joint replacement to $14,000 for TOTAL hip joint replacement. These are the prices publicly displayed by the best hip replacement specialists in India.

For more options on hip replacement cost and procedures or experts, be sure to visit PlacidWay, where you can get  a free quote.

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