Challenges and Medical Tourism Trends in 2013

What are the medical tourism trends and key issues the medical tourism industry faces in 2013? How to handle them?

The Medical Tourism Trends and Challenges for 2013  were explained in a recent article written by PlacidWay CEO Pramod Goel.

The Medical Tourism industry is more and more competitive and all parties want to stay on top by getting a head start in the 2013 battle. The year has only begun and the consumers are having a hard time selecting among the best medical providers because mostly they have come to offer almost the same thing. So what are the medical tourism trends for 2013?

2013 Medical Tourism Trends and Challenges

PlacidWay medical tourism trends 2013 Pramod GoelAs Pramod Goel puts it in his article on medical tourism trends, the differentiator, reputation and loyalty are key. How are we (the consumers) supposed to make the difference between the services from a stem cell company in Germany and one in Mexico. Here is where the Medical Tourism Trends are expected to change.

Would you choose a clinic that brings no innovation in this market or would you choose a reputed and stable one?

As the opinions on this question may be varied, I must say we are all not idiots and especially when it comes to our body, we do thorough research. That is why transparency plays a huge role when searching anything online or not.

I won’t insist on the medical tourism trends, but I invite you to read the full version of Medical Tourism Trends or watch and listen the full Medical Tourism Trends and Challenges for 2013 article on our YouTube channel.


2013 Medical Tourism Trends and Challenges

Mr. Pramod Goel is president and founder of PlacidWay, an internationally recognized industry leader in medical tourism.  Pramod Goel is the author of recently released book Evolution of Medical Tourism: From Cottage Industry to Corporate World, available online at Amazon.

PlacidWay is a leader worldwide as a medical tourism company with presence in over 30 countries worldwide, offering most comprehensive solution to over 200 medical providers globally, from Asia to Europe to Africa to South America.

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