Afghans Go to India for Fertility Treatments

We are talking about Afghans who are going to for fertility treatments in India and for cancer treatments as well. The “-istan” countries have been developing the medical tourism industry for their neighbor. What are the main factors which have led to this situation?

Cancer and Fertility Treatments One Hour Away

Fertility Treatments IndiaDelhi is a well-known multicultural metropolis and rather known to Afghans, even more so for the past few years. Delhi and other major cities of India provide fertility treatments and innovative cancer treatments for medical tourists and mostly to Afghans.  India’s largest hospitals cater to medical travelers and more and more of its neighbors are aware of this. Furthermore, hospitals that offer cancer and fertility treatments have been more than happy to take care of them, as they are boosting their revenues.

Delhi is an hour away from Kabul by air and with around four flights a day between the two cities it is fairly easy to go for treatment abroad. The similarities in culture, food and clothing also have an appeal to Afghans who can have their cancer or fertility treatment and not feel like an outsider, even more so they could be likely to meet a neighbor or a friend.

Women take advantage of the fertility treatments in India

As it turns out, winter is the best season to go for treatment abroad. According to a recent article, up to 100 Afghans arrive in New Delhi each day in winter for cancer and fertility treatments – mostly businessmen and women.

Although the prices in India for cancer and fertility treatments in India are rather low for most Americans and Canadians, or even Europeans, these may be out of reach for most Afghans. For example, IVF treatment in a reputed hospital costs as much as $3,100, and it is an option upper income earners from Afghanistan. The ones who cannot afford fertility treatments in India still go to Pakistan as it is a lower cost option for their budget.

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