Medical Tourism Worldwide – An Overview

When I think about medical tourism it’s obvious that traveling to a foreign country for treatment comes in mind. And some of the countries that were unknown in the past have taken advantage of the term and decided to become a brand as a country for medical travelers.

Medical tourism reason no. 1

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Sri Lanka has been emerging in this industry for the past year and now, Puerto Rico is doing the same. Puerto Rico hasn’t made its name yet but the trend is changing and so is this small island.

When you think about it, medical tourism makes a lot of sense.

If you can package high-quality medical care with lower costs and an exotic vacation, it could be a great opportunity for most. The truth is that medical tourist destinations offer just that for Americans, British, Canadians and other developed countries where the cost of healthcare has sky-rocketed for the past decades.

Just look at Mexico’s medical tourism industry, where most Americans go for cosmetic surgery, hair implants, stem cell therapy, and even more now, for cheaper dental implants, and the list could go on and on.

Medical tourism reason no. 2

One more reason I have seen for medical tourism is the lack of proper healthcare in some countries. A recent article on Romania surprised me – the country has developed an underground network for cancer treatment because Prednisone or other cancer treatments are hard to find.

Some of the cancer patients there choose medical tourism for their life! Turkey, a country rather close to Romania is able to cater to these cancer patients and governments just stay and watch.

I am sure there are many more countries where the poor health systems are pushing patients to travel for healthcare abroad. So there you have it the two main reasons for medical tourism popularity. I am looking forward to see how this industry will push governments to act as far as healthcare costs and treatment availability are concerned.

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