Brush Your Teeth And Lower the Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke

Brush Your Teeth And Lower the Risk of

Heart Attack and Stroke

Did you know that if you regularly brush your teeth you will significantly decrease the chances of having a stroke or a heart attack?

Brushing Teeth Prevents Heart Attack And StrokeStudies show that bleeding gums and poor dental hygiene facilitate the access of 700 types of bacteria into the blood. Scientists say that by brushing and flossing you combat dental bacteria, which is one of the main causes for hardening arteries. This means that if you brush your teeth twice a day you decrease the chances of suffering from a stroke or a heart attack.

Atherosclerosis, which is the narrowing of the arteries through plaques build-up, progresses in parallel with the bacterial profiles in the gums and the periodontal disease.



Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is caused by the accumulation of plaque and tartar. The mild type of gum disease is gingivitis, which can be cleared up with regular flossing and brushing, as well as with dental cleaning performed by professionals. Untreated, it leads to periodontitis and ultimately to teeth loss.

What exactly happens in Periodontitis?

The gums pull away from the teeth, creating little pockets which become infected. The soft tissues holding the teeth and the bones start to be broken down by bacterial toxins. If the tissues are destroyed, the teeth will become loose and ultimately fall. The dentist will recommend scaling and root planning to patients suffering from this disease. If periodontitis is already in an advanced stage, surgery might be needed and the replacement of teeth with dental implants or dentures.

Controlling gum disease not only saves your teeth, but also your life. Why put your life in danger? Do not postpone the visit to the dentist anymore and do not ignore the importance of brushing your teeth at least once a day.

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