CREATIVE or LOGICAL? You can be both if you want to. Myths are over!

Recent research studies have shown how we, humans, can be both creative and analytical at the same time. Scientists have finally put an end to the myth of left-brain people vs. right-brain people and the associated stereotypes. Creativity and logic are processed in both hemispheres of our brain. But how does it happen?

Debunking brain regions myths

In the past, and thanks to old patients’ case studies it seemed reasonable to believe that everything in our brains worked due to the hemispheric dominance concept. However, now we know that our brains are an amazing mass of neurological connections sending “messages” from one place to another 24/7 with no rest.  Each body function depends on a variety of connections; we use both sides of our brains to process all information, and most of our cognitive functions.

base-left-right-brain-creative-or-logical-myths-are-over-placidwayHow did neuroscientists get these conclusions?

After examining more than 1,000 brains, neuroscientists determined that both sides of the brain were essentially equal in their neural networks and connectivity, and they are intricately co-dependent. This  means both hemispheres work together in complex processes.

So, all I’ve heard about left-brain and right brain is not true?

No, some things are true. For example the amount of participation of one hemisphere in certain functions, such as language, can be bigger in one side.

Likewise, it’s true that we use lateralization (preference for one brain region and hand more than the other) for certain motor functions such as handwriting or drawing, but this does not mean that creative people make more use of the right side of the brain than the analytical ones and vice versa. Therefore each brain hemisphere is NOT specialized in a different thinking style; so believe it or not we can be both creative and analytical at the same time if we want to.

How does it affect my life?

Well, perhaps the discovery seems unimportant to you, but take a second to look backwards and think about:

  • The time you considered the possibility of going back to college to pursue a different career “opposite” to your current one, and something stopped you because you mistakenly thought “I couldn’t do it”;
  • When you were afraid to start a business, fearing that you do not have the ‘necessary skills’;
  • The time you simply wanted to apply for a job but you didn’t because you thought, “I’m not good enough for it”, “I’m not creative enough”.

If any of those phrases sound familiar, I believe it is time for you to start changing your opinion. Stop believing in stereotypes and admit that all you need is inside of you. Of course it will take time and effort, just like everything in life, but never forget that overall you can do it!

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 Drea Duque

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