Creating Hobbies, Work, Life Satisfaction & Healing

As humans, it’s important to recognize that, regardless if we are healthy or going through a major treatment for a disease, we are not driven by routine, but by activities that give us pleasure and motivate us. So, what if I were to tell you that hobbies and extra activities have a great deal of importance in life satisfaction? Or that being involved in a creative hobby will help you heal?

Hobbies and Work

It’s true that scientists “discover”, or better yet confirm things that simply make common sense, and maybe this is one of those cases. We all know that even if work is one of our major delights, it’s not enough to help us feel 100% satisfied or happy. So, it’s good to review some reasons why to have hobbies: hobbies-work-life-satisfaction-healing-placidblog

  • To keep interest in our work and NOT feel bored of it,
  • To maintain us active, both physically & mentally,
  • To be and feel “busy” as well as cheerful,
  • To counteract fatigue,
  • To re-connect with yourself,
  • To find out your “second nature”,
  • To discover a source of pleasure,
  • To realize and re-discover your talents,
  • To heal through an activity that will calm your life and soul,
  • To socialize and meet people with similar taste,
  • To get creative satisfaction and relaxation,
  • At work, to help others and be more creative while performing.

Hobbies allow you to feel more satisfied

Some recent research studies have shown that those who engage in activities such as hobbies for at least 20 minutes/once a week, are less susceptible to fatigue and have lower blood pressure and cortisol levels (stress hormone), in general a better physical and mental function; and this effect is even bigger if hobbies are performed in our free time allowing us to have a sense of ownership and control.

A hobby produces not only satisfaction in us while helping us recover from the demands of our daily job; it gives our life’s meaning and energizes it with the pleasure of having done something unique, a product of ourselves not pursued to make a profit. With a hobby, we may also discover a hidden talent, through a connection with our inner self, new emotions and feelings.

Creative hobbies help patients heal

While in recovery, relaxation of the mind is essential. By expressing negative emotions in a proper manner, hobbies, and creative activities such as painting, provide a deep experience in which self-expression and self-discovery take place. We learn to transform negative emotions to positive ones which give us a sense of mastery and control. They may be useful for everyone but especially for patients following treatments such as:

Studies also reveal that people who cultivate themselves through creative activities and other hobbies are less likely to suffer from anger, anxiety, depression and other negative feelings.

Clearly, hobbies are very important in our lives to find parts of ourselves we did not know we have. Companies may benefit from encouraging employees to consider such activities, and hospitals and doctors should allow and persuade patients under treatment to pursue hobbies as part of their recovery.

 Drea Duque

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