Your Teeth May Appreciate a Dental Vacation

Because dental treatments in the United States are growing increasingly expensive, Americans are turning to cross-border travel to take care of their dental needs. Those seeking traditional dental fillings, extractions, bonding, dental crowns or bridges or complex procedures such as bone grafts or cyst operations find that the costs of cosmetic dentistry are limiting in the U.S.

The same can’t be said of dental services, dental vacations, and destinations south of the border in luxurious locations like Mexico and Costa Rica, but as a side-jaunt of planned vacations to Asian and Central European destinations. Did you know that in the United States, a single tooth extraction might cost up to $650?

Travelers venturing south of the border to Mexico, Costa Rica and even further south into Panama, Guatemala, Columbia or Argentina can save between 50% and 75% on the same procedures, with the same quality as those performed in the United States. Whether you’re looking for teeth whitening or cosmetic dentistry implants or a temporary dental bridge, dental bone implants, or the need to see dental implant specialists for a variety of reasons, it’s about finding excellent dental care at affordable prices.

It’s about needing partial dentures, lower dentures, or complete dentures, all of which may cost thousands of dollars, without having to take out, or being turned down for, a loan. Facilities such as Twoj Dentysta in Poznan, Poland or Costa Rica Dental Health in San Jose, Costa Rica are profiled by PlacidWay, a growing medical tourism information and resource provider. Look for international dentists and dental clinics and facilities that explain detailed procedures, transparent pricing, and qualifications and experience of dentists around the world. Find a wealth of dental vacation or dental travel packages that suit your budget, your desire to explore a new country at

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