How Do You Choose The Right Doctors When Traveling Abroad?

The field of medical tourism is booming, giving thousands of individuals from around the world greater chance of accessing affordable, excellent and certified medical care beyond their own country’s borders.  One of the major questions that potential medical travelers ask is how to choose the right doctor when traveling abroad.

Growing numbers of medical facilities are becoming accredited and certified by United States as well as international accrediting organizations.  The JCI (Joint Commission International) and ISQA (International Society for Quality Assurance) insures the facilities, hospitals, outpatient clinics or treatment centers offer clean, safe environments that also offer the latest in medical equipment and technology.

Look for membership, certification or accreditation by nationally or internationally recognized organizations or doctors memberships in the country you’re considering traveling. Doctors, surgeons, and other specialists, regardless of their location or medical field are offered membership in organizations, associations, societies, and other recognized environments following education, training and experience in their medical field of choice.

PlacidWay, an international medical tourism portal based in Denver, Colorado offers consumers choices when it comes to their healthcare options. PlacidWay provides information regarding facilities, treatments, procedures, surgeons and physicians around the world who operate certified, respectable, reliable, and affordable medical care facilities.

Medical tourism in Latin America offers some of the best doctors, surgeons and facilities in the world.  Excellent stem cell research and development facilities and doctors are found throughout the world, as are world famous orthopedic, cardiac and bariatric surgeons, from Latin America to Southeast Asia to Central Europe.

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