What is Visual StoryTelling? A review

Lately I’ve heard how Visual Impact can transform businesses, and somehow it seems that Visual Communication is a NEW marketing tool nowadays, but is it really?  what-is-visual-storytelling-placidway-2The truth is Storytelling existed way before writing, in fact, it’s one of the oldest ways of communicating; otherwise why cavemen used to create on their caves pictures and drawings about their daily lives, interesting activities and biggest fears?

Caveman discovered the power of Visuals: transmitting messages, freeze moments in time, promoting experiences, reasons why we should give them a try, especially on the Medical Tourism Industry.

What is Visual StoryTelling?

Visual Storytelling shows us what could be possible making use of what is REAL (results, people, actions, life) and it creates a powerful connection with the audience.

I have been creating this for several years, and I can tell you it requires a process: first you start playing with few images, you try to highlight what you know is important, and then you quickly learn how all the elements (Visuals: videos, text and pictures) work together and “magically” create a story people could enjoy. Of course it doesn’t mean you have to be an expert, yet you must understand what you’re talking about for communicate it CLEARLY.

Life Changing Open Heart Surgery in India - Visual Storytelling example

Creating Visual Storytelling

Visual Storytelling, as all stories, must have a character, someone people can identify with, and who will help them to feel connected to the story. Visual Stories also need to be set up in a place and time, to have a context and being created in a way that teach people something, so, ask yourself what is what your audience wants to hear and see, and you’ll be able to create a visual storytelling successfully (see a Visual StoryTelling Example here).

As you can see, it’s true that we need to include visual stories in our content creation, therefore, remember that through the use of VISUALS, people will perceive you more positively and you’ll build TRUST in your business.

To know more about Visual Stories, read the complete paper Visual StoryTelling and Medical Tourism.

Drea Duque

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