Robotic Surgery is Here to Stay

Robotic surgery is an increasingly common surgical technique making waves around the globe. Understanding the types of robotic surgery  available, and how such technologies are making surgery safer, more effective and precise, may help you make informed decisions regarding your health care and surgery options.

Robotic-Surgery-is-Here-to-StayConsidered a minimally invasive surgical procedure, robotic surgery is growing in popularity around the world. Robotic surgery is nothing new, having been used in many medical centers for years, but was first approved in the U.S. for use in abdominal surgery in the year 2000.

Today, robotic surgery is used in not only abdominal surgery, but also cardiothoracic surgery, urology surgical procedures, head and neck surgeries, and gynecological procedures.

Abdominal robotic surgery using robotic-assisted techniques for gallbladder removal surgery and hernia repair, as well as rectal cancer surgeries. Robotic assisted cardiovascular surgery can treat a variety of heart problems through a very small incision rather that cracking open the chest. Common surgeries include but are not limited to heart valve repair and repair of atrial septal defects. Robotic-assisted urology procedures include treatments for prostate cancer, with robotic prostectomy (removal of the prostate) the most common treatment for cancers of the prostate at the Mayo Clinic.

Some Robotic Surgery benefits over traditional surgery are:

  1. Reduced risk of infection
  2. Shorter hospital stays
  3. Reduced blood loss
  4. Reduced pain and scarring
  5. Faster recovery time

Robotic-assisted surgeries are controlled by an experienced surgeon, and reduce damage to tissues and muscles caused by traditional surgery. Such surgery, considered minimally invasive, also speeds healing and recuperation time and reduces risk of post-surgery infection and pain.

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