Wellness Tourism Thriving

People don’t scoff at medical tourism anymore. Baby boomers and others fed up with rising health care costs are seeking treatment abroad and enjoying the benefits of health tourism.  Today, health care locations throughout Mexico, Latin America, Central Europe and Asia are drawing millions of international travelers for procedures, treatments, and surgeries that offer accredited and certified care while at the same time saving tens of thousands of dollars.

Surgery abroad is growing into the trend while the most sought after and affordable medical destinations for individuals traveling for medical care choose facilities that are accredited and certified by international healthcare organizations such as the JCI (Joint Commission International), WHO (World Health Organization), and other reputable hospital and medical service accreditation associations. 

Baby boomers are looking for affordable orthopedic care, chronic disease treatment care, and cancer care in foreign location. Individuals unwilling to pay $100,000 in the United States for heart surgery when they can receive the same care in Thailand for $25,000 for the same surgery are voting with their feet and an airline ticket. 

In one year alone, over 400,000 international patients traveled to Bangkok, Thailand for medical care, while other destinations throughout the globe, including Croatia, the Ukraine, and South Africa.

From the JCI-accredited facilities like National Heart Centre in Singapore to the Florence Nightingale Hospital in Istanbul, wellness tourism is thriving. From orthopedic surgery abroad to heart care to bariatric surgery abroad, citizens around the world are traveling for their healthcare needs.

PlacidWay, a respected and growing medical resource portal, is helping individuals from around the globe find affordable medical care in accredited facilities through the expertise and experience of certified surgeons and physicians from South Africa to Turkey, from Croatia to South Korea.

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