Blueprint Health at University of Stellenbosch Wellness Day

 The value of genetic risk profiling   became a little clearer this week during a Discovery Health wellness day for the staff of the Medical School of the University of Stellenbosch. Together with Dr. Maritha Kotze from Gknowmix,  and Dr. Heloise Avenant presented guidance on the use of a genetic test for individuals who present with abnormal risk values pointing to lifestyle diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attacks and strokes. Even more poignant was the value highlighted for those with current normal values, but a strong family history – a powerful predictive factor of risk.

Measurements like weight, cholesterol and blood pressure – done at various stations in the exhibition – were compiled by the Blueprint Health team into a risk table together with age, lifestyle data like smoking habits and – importantly – family history, to create a risk profile based on the revised Framingham values.

Genetic risk reporting allows clients to plan and manage their health risks in a pro-active manner by changing aspects like their diet, supplementation, exercise routine or quitting smoking or moderating alcohol intake. It can be done as part of a health holiday,  or you can request a test online . Interested parties can also sign up for research projects.

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