Viable Stem Cell Treatments in Mexico

Stem cell technologies and advancements are being made on an almost daily basis. Around the world, stem cell research scientists and medical experts have been studying, and using, stem cells treatments and stem cell therapy to treat a wide range of illnesses, injuries and disease processes.

 Scientific research into stem cells has identified multiple types of stem cells and sources. The most commonly studied, and used, stem cell treatments and therapies today involve the use of embryonic stem cell therapy, adult stem cell therapy and research, and umbilical cord stem cell therapy.

 At their most basic definition, stem cells have the ability to limitlessly divide and are capable of developing into one or several different types of the 220 cells found in the human body.

 Stem cell technologies are not yet available in the U.S., though dozens of clinical trials are under way, many of them in Phase II category status. In the meantime, American and international patients seeking care for neurological diseases, blood borne cancers, organ cancers, immune system issues, heart disease and joint injuries and damage are seeking stem cell treatments and stem cell therapy procedures in Mexico.

 Stem cell therapy in Mexico offers the best stem cell therapy centers in Tamps, such as the Integra Medical Center, as well as Stem Cell MD, located in Tijuana, utilize stem cell based regenerative therapies. ProgenCell, also located in Tijuana, offers stem cell treatments for chronic diseases and cancer treatment.

Stem cell facilities in Mexico, as well as their physicians are qualified, accredited and certified in their country of origin, and many also hold certification, degrees and fellowships in international education and training facilities and medical centers. For alternative medical options, stem cell technologies offer hope, health and wellness where other procedures and treatments have failed.

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