Affordable Medical Care in Ecuador

When you think of Ecuador, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? It’s probably not the fact that Ecuador and other locations through South America are increasingly becoming leaders in health care options, procedures and techniques for international travelers. Joint Commissions International (JCI) clinical accreditation, best business practices, access to health providers, health tourism travel agencies and hospitals with concierge services are growing in Ecuador and throughout South America to offer enhanced and convenient benefits to medical travelers around the world.

Medical tourism in Ecuador offers a variety of medical and dental treatment options for travelers, from dental care surgery, orthodontics treatment, orthopedics surgery, gastric bypass, implantology treatments, and plastic surgery procedures including nose jobs, breast augmentation, and liposuction.

MedTravel Ecuador, located in Quito, Ecuador, offers top healthcare providers and a unique medical vacation that gives medical travelers a chance to receive quality dental, surgical and medical care while enjoying a holiday vacation in one of the most exotic destinations in the world.

For everything from knee replacement surgical procedures to stem cell therapy and antiaging treatments and procedures, such as those found at American Stem Cell and Antiaging Center, also in Quito, Ecuador, international travelers may enjoy the benefits of affordable stem cell therapies, the best in the Ecuador hospital system, affordable cosmetic surgery, the best and South American doctors, and the best South American hospitals. Ecuador is on the cutting edge of technology and accessible and affordable medical and dental care treatments in Latin America, giving not only her own citizens, but international medical travelers better options and choices when it comes to their medical care and treatment.

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