Understanding Medical Tourism Accreditations

Accreditation: Why is it Important to You?

Accreditation is considered a standard through which a healthcare facility or service is shown to offer quality and healthcare that meet minimum standards and guidelines offered by various domestic and international quality boards.

For example, individuals want, and deserve, quality in healthcare, whether for dental, cosmetic, bariatric or other treatments and surgical procedures. Anyone entering a healthcare facility deserves to know that staff is trained, facilities are clean and that procedures follow standards that reduce chances of error, infection or negligence.

Healthcare and hospital accreditation in the U.S. is standard practice, but such is not the case for many international healthcare providers. Due to the growing popularity of healthcare tourism, however, international facilities are increasingly desirous of being rated (or graded) by U.S. and International accreditation organizations in order to offer competitive procedures in the fields of bariatric surgery and care, dental and cosmetic and plastic surgeries, as well as fertility treatment treatments and procedures.

Medical Traveler Basics

Individual medical travelers must take the time to assess standards of care in foreign destinations. Medical care environments in foreign destinations are certainly different than what most Americans find in their own hospital settings. However, it might help to assess care by taking into consideration the following factors:

· Quality, education and certification of facility medical staff

· Evidence of continuing educational opportunities for medical staff

· Track record of the clinic or hospital

· Infection control record of clinic or hospital

· Potential geographical risks of tropical disease/infections

Always take the time to research your destination – at home and abroad.

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