The Shameful Cost of Cancer Treatment Drugs

Cancer can strike any gender or age group. Depending on the type of cancer, various treatments may be initiated in an effort to eradicate or kill cancer cells. Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery are the most common types of treatments that battle multiple forms of cancer.

Drugs for treatment of cancer – any type of cancer such as breast cancer, colon cancer, kidney or stomach cancer, as well as lung cancer treatment or fast-acting cancers like stomach cancer, pancreatic cancer and brain cancer are so expensive that many people choose to die rather than eradicate life savings and retirement plans. Most health insurance plans have a $1 million lifetime maximum on payouts, and yet cancer treatments may cost an individual in the U.S. more than $300,000 a year!

Look at the cost of many common drugs prescribed to help treatment for cancer:

3 drugs – Herceptin, Avastin and Zometa, for one month can run over $20,000 – that breaks down to roughly $6,254.95 for ONE dose of Herceptin and $9,496.47 for ONE dose of Avastin. That doesn’t even include the treatments to inject the drugs.

According to an article run in USA Today, the average monthly cost of Herceptin is about $3,000 a month. Avastin costs an average of $4,400 a month. Of course, it depends on what type of cancer being treated. Larger doses will cost more, or less.

Cancer treatment centers in foreign destinations like Mexico, India, Thailand, Singapore, India, Jordan and Turkey are looking better and better for Americans faced with such outrageous cancer treatment costs.

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