Understanding Brain Screening Tests

Brain disorders or injuries are greatly feared by most people, as any trauma to the brain may cause anything from a headache to paralysis to death. Today, a number of diagnostic tools, equipment and technology enable your doctor to understand and study your brain in great depth.

Consumers who understand the basics when it comes to diagnostics may make more educated decisions regarding their health care or when seeking treatment. Whether that treatment or procedure is offered in the U.S. or Jordan or South Korea, you have options and choices in regard to your medical care. Brain screening tests for brain health and wellness may include:

Neurological examinations – these help determine function and status of speech, balance, coordination, reflexes, mental status as well as tumors or infections such as meningitis or encephalitis.

Fluoroscopy -a type of x-ray that utilizes pulsed low dose radiation beams to create continuous images of body parts.

Cerebral angiogram – diagnose and pinpoint narrowing or obstruction of arteries or blood vessels in the brain or neck. 

 Brain scans – include but are not limited to MRIs (magnetic resonance imaging), computed tomography (CT) and positron emission tomography (PET). Brain scans can diagnose location of brain hemorrhages, malformations in blood vessels, and be used to locate and diagnose tumor growth.

Electroencephalography – also known as an EEG, this test monitors brain activity.

Electromyography – also known as EMG. Diagnoses muscle dysfunction, spinal cord disease processes and diagnose nerve damage or dysfunction. 

Access for information and resources for brain screening tests, accessibility and costs. PlacidWay is a Colorado-based medical provider and resource portal that offers international medical providers from The Lakshmi Neuro Clinic in Chennai, India to the Wooridul Spine Hospital in South Korea to the Florence Nightingale Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey.

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