Making Wise Choices: Medical Tourism Destination Travel

How do you know whether or not policies, procedures and techniques offered in a variety of medical fields are safe and effective? Add to that a concern over whether is “patient safety” is defined the same way in different countries? After all, Americans are accustomed to modern hospitals, private or semi-private rooms with interior decor and all the amenities. A patient in Mexico, Jordan or Thailand may be accustomed to being placed in an open ward with only the bare amenities when it comes to decor. But the key is patient care and safety, not how pretty your room looks. So how do you judge?

Medical travelers leave their country to seek medical treatment in foreign destinations. In some cases, contributing factors to such the citizens involve affordability while for others it’s a matter of availability.

 Growing numbers of Americans are estimated to seek medical attention in international destinations in coming years, and the number of international medical travelers from other countries such as South Africa, Europe, and Canada as well as travelers from countries like Iraq, Nigeria, Turkey and Croatia are seeking available and affordable medical care across their borders. 

Patients traveling across borders need to take the time to research and understand the capabilities and quality of  foreign physicians, surgeons and medical facilities. Quality medical institutions are certified or accredited by domestic accrediting organizations or by international accreditation organizations such as the JCI, WHO, Trent Accreditation Scheme, the Australian ACHSI, or  Quality Health New Zealand, just to name a few.

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