Understand Thoughts

Understand Thoughts

Many have psychological problems. Be it addiction, fear, depression, trauma, phobia, or a ‘problem state’ behaviors’ and emotional outbursts. The major cause for this is a narrowing of the focus of attention as we exclude good factors and follows the negative imagination.

Distinguish between what we think and what we feel. Our actions are actually determined by our feelings and conditionings.

Know the difference between what we should be doing and what we actually feel like doing. We know we should exercise, but the TV beckons. We know we should be strong, but we feel weak.

A highly positive experience should be stored in mind to encourage us to seek out more similar experiences. A highly negative experience should be stored so that we can take advantage from it  or take care to avoid such experiences in future.

We can constantly and always change mind to learn and to enjoy that would be good. This is very easy.

We may have developed a pessimistic attitude in life may be in response to our past experiences, or influences around us. But it is still possible to cultivate a new understanding, and actually learn to expect the best. just understanding of such pessimistic attitude or incidences will make profound differance.

Memory is a ‘mixed blessing’. A store of good memories is a wonderful thing. The pleasures of the past can bring us much satisfaction in the present. Even bad memories have their uses, because we can learn from them, and so improve our futures. But when our memories have strong emotional associations, they need to be carefully handled for they should not disturb our present and future lives.

The easiest way to overcome is to understand the change or switch over and play with good or bad memories. Establish a learning state in mind and brain. We will discover a new and positive skills to have mind control to be always in happy state.

Learn understandings of how the human brain processes memory and emotion.

By a profoundly relaxing deep trance state, we will find that we can comfortably and easily take out any past experience or memory whose emotional grip on us has been holding us back in life. We can completely change in our feelings about those memories and emotions. Same way by a profoundly relaxing deep trance state we can enjoy life to great extent.

When we remember our good qualities; it has a wonderful feeling and this can carry us through difficult times, improve our self confidence and make us feel reassured – surer of ourselves. Now we are in control of our self. When we know what to do, we can actively and significantly reduce emotional impact.

Help yourself, appreciate yourself more, feel better about yourself and improve your confidence. Building your self esteem will affect all areas of your life – work, social and most importantly, your relationship with yourself.

Little changes can have profound effects!

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