Understand Joint Replacement Surgery

In many cases, orthopedic surgeries perform a partial or total joint replacement. Such surgery is indicated when pain or stiffness severely limits the ability to walk or move to the point that quality of life is affected. The process involves removing diseased bone in either a hip, elbow or shoulder joint and replacing it with a metal or other suitable prosthesis. Performed in a hospital, this type of surgery typically involves a 3-5 day stay following the procedure.

Hip replacement treatments and procedures are often suggested due to damage caused by osteoarthritis or injuries that limit a person’s range of motion, mobility, and comfort.  Different types of procedures or treatments are recommended depending upon the need of an individual patient. Today’s hip replacement surgeries tend to minimally invasive surgical procedures that are often recommended after bone scans, MRIs, x-rays and ultrasound determine the extent of damage to bones in hip joints.

Hip replacement surgical procedures may cost up to $43,000 in the United States. In Singapore and Thailand however, medical tourist patients may benefit from hip replacement surgical procedures that cost about $12,000. In India, at world-class facilities such as the Madras Joint Replacement Center in Chennai, the cost can range from about $9,000-$10,000. Terme Selce, a sports medicine facility located in Croatia, experts in knee surgery and other forms of orthopedic surgical procedures as well as sports injury rehabilitation.

Whether you need elbow surgery, rotator cuff repair, knee or hip replacement, you have options and choices regarding your own care.

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