Medical Care in Ecuador: A Pleasant Surprise

Ecuador is located on the western coastline of upper South America, nestled along the shores of the Pacific between Colombia to the north and Peru to the east and south.  Ecuador is also the home of the Galapagos Islands of the Pacific and received its name because it literally straddles the equator dividing the northern and southern hemispheres.

Ecuador is growing increasingly popular for its health care options, procedures and techniques for international travelers. Joint Commissions International (JCI) clinical accreditation, best business practices, access to health providers, health tourism travel agencies and hospitals with concierge services are growing in Ecuador and throughout South America to offer enhanced and convenient benefits to medical travelers around the world.

Global medical tourism has grown increasingly popular in recent years, not only among North Americans seeking affordable and quality healthcare South of the Border, but among Canadians, Western and Central Europeans seeking quality, effective and timely healthcare options.  Ecuador is growing as an increasingly popular destination for dental and medical tourism in all aspects of health care and health and wellness.

Facilities such as American Stem Cell and Anti Aging Center, located in Ecuador’s capital city of Quito offers treatment for chronic disease, alternative medical techniques, heart care and stem cell therapy for a variety of illnesses and disease processes.

MedTravel Ecuador offers high-quality dental and medical and surgical care in fields of plastic or cosmetic surgery, Lasik eye care, obesity and bariatric surgical procedures and orthopedics, just to name a few. Choose the best, the most affordable and the most experienced. Check out the accredited and certified facilities, doctors and surgeons in Ecuador. You may just be surprised.

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