Turkish Medical Care Best in the World

Turkish clinics and some of the finest hospitals in Turkey, including the Florence Nightingale Hospital, are internationally recognized for their orthopedics and vascular disease procedures and treatments.

Inhabitants of western Europe, and those from Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan as well as surrounding neighbors in Albania and Armenia and Georgia, visit Turkey for their medical care, where medical facilities offer major surgical procedures and treatments they can’t get at home. Tell them that medical tourism is not considered a viable option for care.

Turkey utilizes the most advanced technologies in the world in the fields of oncology and plastic surgery. They also take advantage of daVinci robotic surgery, a method of high-tech heart and prostate surgeries. Due to their willingness to step into the 21st century of medical care and health and wellness services, Turkey is rated one of the best for accessibility and lower health costs throughout Europe. Clinics, hospitals and outpatient treatment centers in  Istanbul, Izmir and Kusadasi offer quality medical care in modern and relaxed atmospheres.

Ultra-modern facilities such as Anadolu Medical Center and LIV Hospital, located in Istanbul offer global patients the best Turkish physicians and surgeons. Female fertility treatment in Istanbul as well as male fertility treatment in Turkey offer affordable and effective treatments to those hoping to conceive. Fertility treatment costs in Turkey save international travelers  thousands of dollars over costs found in Britain, the United States, and Canada.

Discover Turkey as a health and wellness destination. Treatments and prices, qualifications, and testimonials regarding care in Turkey can be found at, a medical tourism provider based in Denver, Colorado, providing international travelers up-to-date information regarding medical care in international destinations.

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