Safety First!

The field of medical tourism is a growing option for surgery abroad, cheap surgery (not meant to imply inexperienced or lesser quality surgery) and medical travel. Still, take the time to plan and organize for your not only medical stay in a beautiful and high-quality medical facility in a foreign country, but to make the most of the experience.

Before you venture off for any type of wellness tourism, make sure that you have a valid and signed passport (most countries require at least several blank pages and may require six blank pages) and a non-expired visa if you visit a medical facility in a country that requires visas. Whether you’re traveling to Mexico or Croatia, know what you need before you go.

Always complete the emergency contact information in your passport, have the contact name, and phone number of consular personnel from the nearest U.S. Embassy for your intended destination for emergencies. Register with the State Department, which you can do online, so they can contact you in the event of an emergency back home. Registering also allows your safety in the event of trouble overseas (this can include a natural disaster or a threat from local politics or issues), and enables you to receive up-to-date warnings if anything’s going on in your intended travel area.

Dozens of countries abroad offer safe, effective and beautiful medical destinations for health and wellness and care in fields ranging from dentistry to spine surgery. PlacidWay, an international medical resource and provider based in Denver, Colorado, wants you to enjoy and benefit from your medical travel abroad. Still, be prepared, plan accordingly and have a safe trip.

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