The Ultimate Medical Vacation in South America

South America is the ultimate getaway for international medical services. Whether seeking a breast lift, knee surgery or heart surgery in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Brazil or Argentina, physicians and health care facilities in Latin America are prepared to meet your needs.

South American medical tourism offers options and perks unmatched by other medical facilities in the region including access to quality, affordable and expert medical and dental care, 4-star hotel accommodations, meals included, and free consultations and phone or email access to your physician before you travel.

Facilities such as MedTravel Ecuador, located in the capital city of Quito, Ecuador and Makeover Travel in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, offer unique health experience and comprehensive healthcare services in orthopedic, cosmetic, craniofacial and facial trauma surgeries, dentistry, and cardiac care. In addition, health and wellness spa services offer international travelers the best in quality and affordable medical care. Affordable orthopedic prices, cosmetic surgical treatments and dentistry offered by many Latin American medical tourism destinations include transportation services, accommodations and meals as well as initial consultation, procedure and surgery costs, pre-op, post-op and follow-up care.

While you’re there, enjoy one of the perfect vacation getaways and lounge on the beach, soak up some rays and enjoy the relaxation that only the white sands, gentle breezes and blue skies of this island paradise offer. From hand surgery to sports injury treatments and surgery to total knee and hip replacements, medical facilities in South America offer the best certified care to meet most needs – and the best in ambiance that anyone could ask for.

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