The New Face of Medical Care: International Medicine

No matter where you live or what country you call home, you have a right to options when it comes to taking care of your medical and wellness care needs. Whether you’re traveling from one country or another due to a poor healthcare environment or because you’re unable to access adequate health care, you should be informed regarding health care destinations and treatments abroad.

Did you know that individuals from places like Azerbaijan, Nigeria and Iraq are increasingly seeking health services abroad? Individuals around the world are traveling to prime destinations like Turkey, India, Mexico and other Latin American countries for internationally recognized healthcare organization and delivery systems, quality healthcare not available in their own country, latest technologies, equipment and comprehensive care facilities, access to affordable treatments and procedures and availability of specialized surgical procedures and technologies.

Azerbaijanis are traveling in great numbers to their neighbor country Turkey for access to physicians, surgeons and medical facilities and hospitals in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, and Antalya. Many Turkish hospitals and facilities are JCI accredited and practice international standards in quality patient care, technology, and operating practices. Nigerians are traveling to southeast Asia for eye and LASIK care, cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures, cardiac care and orthopedic surgery.

The face of medical care is changing in the 21st century. Research international medical care providers through informative resources such as PlacidWay to find the options, prices and medical services you want and need.

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