Thailand Still a Leader in Medical Tourism

For a modern, yet tropical vacation ambience, you can’t do much better than Thailand. Thailand provides superlative accommodations on the oceanfront to mountainous landscapes. Thailand offers some of the best vacation opportunities and activities for all ages. Entertainment is at its best in major cities like Bangkok and Phuket. Global medical travelers to Thailand can save between 50% and 75% on surgical procedures and other medical care found throughout Thailand in such cities as Bangkok.

Visit the Thai clinics and hospitals that provide the best of old and new in technological equipment and methods while blending board-certified experts in laser surgery and affordable cosmetic surgery, fertility and eye care. If you’re struggling to have a family, visit the website of Superior A.R.T. for the best fertility and IVF (in-vitro fertilization) treatments offered by Bangkok health centers. If you’re looking for affordable eye Lasik care, check out the TRSC International LASIK Center in Bangkok.

For over a decade, hospitals in Thailand like the Yanhee Hospital, and surgeons in Thailand have led the way into the growing industry of medical tourism and they’re still leaders offering the best in care and quality, making Thailand one of the largest medical tourism hubs of Southeast Asia. Still, competition is growing in the region, but Thailand stays on top using the latest in surgical and dental technologies, diagnostic equipment and surgical tools.

For more information about medical and dental care opportunities in Thailand, visit the vast resources offered by PlacidWay, with information regarding medical technology, surgical procedures, facility descriptions and doctor and surgeon biographies and qualifications.

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