Let’s Talk Money – High Medical Care Costs Driving People Abroad

Let’s just do some quick comparisons here in regard to costs for medical care, just to set the stage. First, we’ll start with a list of what certain procedures in the U.S. cost, and then compare costs in other countries. Don’t mistake cheaper costs with sub-standard care or technology. We’re comparing U.S. costs with costs in accredited hospitals or through internationally certified doctors or surgeons.


Angioplasty (balloon and with stents) – may cost up to $57,000

Single heart bypass – $15,000 to $20,000+

Valve replacement – $25,000 per valve

Hip replacement – $43,000+



Hip replacement – $9,500

Valve replacement – $9,500 per valve

Angioplasty – $11,000

Single heart bypass – $10,000

This is just a sampling of costs in India, at internationally acclaimed facilities like the BLK Memorial Hospital in New Delhi or the Apollo Victor Hospital in Goa. We haven’t even mentioned lower costs for all types of care in facilities around the globe, from Mexico and South American destinations to those found in Turkey, Croatia, Greece and Switzerland, not to mention Thailand and Singapore.

Visit Bangpakok 9 International Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand or Florence Nightingale Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey for a sampling of their services and costs. You’ll likely be surprised, as facilities such as these are accredited, with internationally known and respected doctors and surgeons.

The Madras Joint Replacement Center in Chennai and the Wooridul Spine Hospital in South Korea are just a few of the best hospitals for medical care in specialized fields in the world, and all offering cheaper prices for care than you’d find in the U.S. and other leading
countries abroad.




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