Obesity Surgery in Mexico

Jane found that her insurance refused to cover weight loss surgical procedures. Therefore, she was extremely pleased to discover Dr. Alejandro Aguirre-Wallace through PlacidWay, an international medical provider and facilitator offering patience around the world access to excellent, supremely qualified, and compassionate physicians, surgeons and facilities.

Jane is like dozens of other individuals traveling to Mexico for obesity surgical procedures. Dr. Aguirre’s office and facility isn’t the only one that offers superlative bariatric and weight loss treatments and surgeries. Dr. Marco Antonio Sariñana of Mexicali Obesity Solutions is an excellent, highly trained and respected obesity surgeon in Mexicali. Dr. Jorge Maytorena, a renowned laparoscopic and bariatric surgeon focuses on obesity-related chronic conditions such as diabetes, and is a leader in the latest laparoscopic bariatric surgical procedures including gastric plication.

Obesity causes diseases and conditions that afflict millions. Those more than 100 pounds overweight often find it difficult to lose weight through traditional methods and look to weight-loss treatments and surgeries to provide the answer for long-term weight loss.

Bariatric weight loss surgery is a specialty of many hospitals in Mexico. Doctors in Mexico who specialize in treatment of obesity offer a multitude of treatments for obesity, including morbid obesity surgery, laparoscopic banding, vertical sleeve gastrectomy and laparoscopic gastric banding, among many other procedures, including:

  • Weight-loss medications
  • Bariatric surgery
  • Gastroplasty
  • Lap banding
  • Sleeve gastrectomy
  • Gastric bypass

For information regarding obesity surgery, facilities in Mexico, and the qualifications of trained, experienced and exceptional bariatric surgeons in Mexico, visit, an international medical resource and facilitator based in Denver, Colorado.



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