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Surgical Bliss

Surgical Bliss: Seeking the Best in Health and Wellness in South Africa

Surgical Bliss is a popular medical tourism company operating out of Cape Town, South Africa, offering all-inclusive medical travel packages that include flights, health care, accommodations and leisure activities.

Surgical Bliss offers access to leading medical facilities and experts in Cape Town, noted for its ability to work with medical specialists at several of the top rated private hospitals in South Africa, including the Cape Town MedicClinic, the Cape Eye Hospital, and the Life Vincent Pallotti Hospital. Surgical Bliss provides international patients with access to surgeons and physicians highly trained and experienced in their specialty fields.

South African hospitals, clinics and high-tech facilities are attracting more medical tourists every year, especially those seeking high quality care and cost savings in procedures like cosmetic and plastic surgery, and orthopedic and ophthalmic surgical procedures. Surgeons and facilities partnered with Surgical Bliss are registered and accredited by the South African Medical Councils.

Approach to Medical Care at Surgical Bliss
The motto at Surgical Bliss is excellence, ethics and experience. Surgical Bliss is in a unique position to offer international travelers and medical patients the best that South Africa has to offer, in regard to both quality patient care and some of the best outdoor sightseeing opportunities in the world.

Surgical Bliss offers all inclusive medical packages that include flights, accommodations, surgery, after-care, and a variety of entertainment venues to meet every taste and need.

Surgical Bliss offers:

  • Carefully chosen surgeons with experience and excellence in training
  • Customized travel packages
  • Free medical consultations
  • Affordable pricing

Staff at Surgical Bliss offer to act as liaisons between patients and doctors and surgeons, finding the best in care and services to meet individual needs. As a leading medical facilitator company, Surgical Bliss has access to the highest rated doctors and facilities in South Africa, and support international patients from all corners of the globe.

Speaking French, English, German, Italian and Dutch, staff at Surgical Bliss are ready and able to meet the needs of international medical travelers, partnering them with certified and accredited (ISO) organizations throughout Cape Town.

About Surgical Bliss
Staff at Surgical Bliss have backgrounds in medical care and healthcare delivery systems and are well versed in surgical and non-surgical procedures, ensuring that tailored care meets the needs of patients seeking anything from Lasik surgery to hip replacement. All practitioners partnering with Surgical Bliss belong to South African dental and medical counsels, and many providers are Fellows of United States and British universities.

Surgical Bliss offers access to quality medical care in the fields of:

  • Infertility – ICSI, Donor Egg Program, Male infertility
  • Plastic and Cosmetic surgery – Liposuction, breast augmentation, face lifts
  • Ophthalmology – Lasik, cataract surgery, corneal grafts
  • Orthopedics – hip, knee and shoulder surgery specialists
  • Radiology

High quality standards of care and compassionate patient-centered care distinguish Surgical Bliss from other medical facilitators around the globe. Combining optimal care for patients with the perks of an exotic vacation, Surgical Bliss is one of the most popular in South Africa.

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