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Medical Care in Jordan: Reaching the Highest Standards

Jordan is an ancient land, a country rich in history and culture that enjoys the reputation of being the foundation of civilization since Babylonian, Assyrian, and Persian times.  For thousands of years, Jordan has enjoyed her place in history in the Middle East, from biblical times to the 21st century. Archaeological remains and wonders of the world can be found in Jordan, as can modern amenities and some of the most exotic and exquisite dining experiences, accommodations, and fun things to do.

Visitors to Jordan invariably visit her many wildlife, nature, and wetland reserves or take in the scenery from the top of Mount Nebo, rising over 2680 feet above sea level in the western portion of the country.  Visitors also get their feet in the Dead Sea and the Red Sea, and bask in the warm sunshine that graces their coastlines.  Travelers to Jordan enjoy a wide variety of outdoor and indoor activities, sightseeing excursions, museums, ancient and modern architecture and historical landmarks.

Jordan Basics

Currency: Jordanian dinar
Language: Arabic
Climate: Dry in summer with average temperatures of 90°F and cool winters with averages of 32°F

230 volts. Purchase a voltage converter before you travel that will support at least 50 to 100 watts for use of common travel appliances including laptop computer.

Visa Requirements
Travelers from the U.S. and western Europe wishing to enter Jordan require a passport and visa. Visas are generally good for 30 days. Such travelers must fill out Form A, offered by the Jordan Embassy. Those who wish to stay longer must register with Jordanian law authorities at a police station prior to expiration of the visa.

Travelers from other middle east countries such as Palestine or Iraq have different guidelines. Check with the Jordan Embassy or Consulate in your native country of origin to determine entry requirements.

Travelers may obtain visas at most major points of entry to Jordan by land except the King Hussein Bridge land border crossing.

Jordanian dinar. Many upscale venues such as hotels and restaurants accept U.S. dollars, but convert money to Jordan standards whenever possible for easier transactions.

Airlines Serving Jordan
A major airline hub for Jordan is Queen Alia International Airport near Amman. The King Hussein International Airport is located in the Red Sea region and is also services domestic and international flights. Specific airlines include:

  • Royal Jordanian Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Lufthansa
  • Egypt Air
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Air Canada
  • African Express Airways
  • Air France
  • US Airways
  • Malaysia Airlines
  • KLM

Jordan Country Dialing Code
Some countries require an exit dialing code to call out. For example, to call outside the U.S., you must first dial 011, an international prefix. [exit country code] + 962 + City Code + Telephone number

Embassies in Jordan
Always check to verify contact information and current ambassadors or consulates for foreign embassies before traveling to another country.

United States Embassy in Jordan
Al-Umawyeen St., Abdoun, Amman, Jordan
P.O. Box 354
Abdoun, Jordan
Ph: +962-6-5906000
Fax: +962-6-5920163
Email: [email protected]

Indian Embassy in Jordan
P.O. Box 2168
Jabal Amman – 1st Circle, Jordan
Ph: +962-6-4622098
Fax: +962-6-4622098
Email: [email protected]
German Embassy in Jordan
(31) Benghazi St., between 4th and 5th Circle, Jordan
Ph: +962-6-5930351
Fax: +962-6-5930351

Australian Embassy to Jordan
41 Kayed Al Armouti St., Abdoun, Jordan
Ph: +962-6-580-7000
Fax: +962-6-580-7001

Norwegian Embassy to Jordan
25 Damascus St., Abdoun, Jordan
Ph: +962-6-5931646
Fax: +962-6-5931650
Email: [email protected]

10 Fun Things to do in Jordan

  • Visit ancient Petra and see ruins from biblical times
  • Explore Al-Kahf, also known as the Cave of the Seven Sleepers, near Amman
  • Stroll through the oak and pine forest of the Ajloun Nature Reserve
  • Visit the site of Christ’s baptism in Bethany on the east bank of the Jordan River half hour from Amman
  • Go bird watching in Azraq
  • Take a mud bath in the Dead Sea
  • Enjoy the bustle of downtown Amman
  • Visit the 2 million stone piece sixth century map of Jerusalem at Madaba
  • Go hiking in the Mujib nature preserve near the Dead Sea

Medical travelers from around the world, including the near Middle East, Britain, and the United States visit Jordan every year to enjoy the benefits of state-of-the-art and technologically advanced private hospitals, clinics and outpatient facilities. While in Jordan, medical travelers also benefit from the wealth of things to do and see throughout the country. Visiting Jordan is an eye opening and often-unexpected experience. From its canyons to the River Jordan, to its ancient ruins to shimmering deserts, Jordan offers visitors a chance to step back in time and bask in the history of civilization in this beautiful desert kingdom.

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