Struggling with a Cancer Diagnosis?

We’ve all heard, and been shocked, at the cost of common cancer treatment drugs these days. How can anyone afford that? Costs for Avastin may range approximately $4,400 a month and Herceptin averages $3,000 a month. Newer drugs are even more expensive. How in the world is a blue-collar employee, or even a white-collar one, to afford that, even with insurance?

Too often, people diagnosed with cancer are choosing not to receive cancer treatments because costs literally devastate not only the family income, but future financial stability. One year of cancer treatment therapy can destroy nearly a lifetime of retirement savings.

So what can you do? Look for alternatives. Cancer patients are increasingly traveling to other countries in an effort to save money on biological hormone therapy drugs. Don’t be mistaken into thinking drugs are cheaper in other countries because they’re outdated or inefficient, because they’re not. Cheaper drugs and medications are the result of different healthcare delivery systems.

Look, for example, at India – a year’s supply of Herceptin averages to roughly $2,000 a month instead of the $3,000 a month charged in the U.S. In Thailand and Singapore, medical travelers are also able to enjoy huge savings on cancer treatments and medications such as Tykerb and Arimdex, Femara and Tamoxifen.

Remember that cancers strike all age groups. Diagnosis of lung cancer, bone cancer, liver cancer and stomach or prostate cancer are common. Treatments vary according to the stage the cancer is discovered, as well as location and overall health of the patient. Give yourself a chance. For more information regarding cancer and cancer treatments abroad, visit




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