Don’t Give Yourself a Heart Attack Paying for Cardiac Care

Your heart beats approximately 4,000 times every hour. Every day, your heart may beat over 100,000 times, and in a year over 35 million times. So don’t you think it’s a good idea to take care of it? Don’t you think your heart, and your health, are worth it? Sure we do. However, paying for heart care can literally give someone a heart attack.

Some of the most common heart care procedures performed today includes balloon angioplasty. The problem is, the procedure costs nearly $60,000. Can you afford that?

The good news is that countries around the world offer options to cardiac surgery in the U.S. World-renowned cardiac surgeons in countries like Jordan, India, Turkey and Thailand offer not only excellent experience in all forms of heart care and surgeries (including valve replacements and heart transplants) but also the latest technologies in diagnostics and non-invasive cardiac surgical procedures.

In India, a balloon angioplasty procedure costs around $11,000, while in Singapore or Thailand, you’d pay roughly $13,000. Sure, it’s still expensive, but at least you have options.

Just know that you have options for heart care specialists and surgeons around the world, and in countries that rank higher in healthcare than the U.S.. When it comes to paying over $100,000 for a multiple valve replacement procedure, it’s smart to look to places like India, where you’ll pay a tenth the cost for the same procedure.

Different healthcare delivery systems account for the difference, not lack of training, expertise or experience.



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