Stem Cell Therapy: The Future of Medicine

Stem cell treatments, research and technology are no longer relegated to sci-fi novels or movies. Research and development in fields of umbilical cord stem cell therapy, placenta stem cell therapy as well as embryonic stem cell therapies that make use of stem cells in the fight against disease is well under way.


Human stem cell therapy may someday enable people with spinal cord injuries to walk again. Stem cell technologies and advancements are being made on an almost daily basis. From Japan to China to the U.S. to Europe, Africa and Russia, the world’s scientists and medical experts have been studying, and using, stem cell replacement therapy and umbilical cord stem cell transplant technology is used today to treat a wide range of illnesses, injuries and disease processes, including but not limited to:


·         Auto-Immune Diseases

·         Musculoskeletal disorders like Muscular Dystrophy

·         Cancer Treatments

·         Immunodeficiency disorders

·         Neural diseases and injuries like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s


Currently, no stem cells therapy options are available in the U.S., which prompts Americans to venture to international destinations for them. The potential cost of stem cell therapies in the U.S. may be prohibitively expensive, which encourages those hoping and seeking cures for illnesses, injuries and disease processes to travel to Mexico, China, Thailand, and locations such as EmCell in Europe, and India, among others.


The numbers of individuals around the world seeking seek safe and effective treatments for dehabilitative injuries, diseases and terminal illnesses at affordable prices are on the verge of exploding. Stem cell therapy research is running full steam ahead, and will continue well into the 21st century.

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