Spinal Surgery and Treatments in South Korea

From snow capped mountains to tranquil ponds surrounded by quaint pagodas, the country of South Korea offers natives and visitors alike a wealth of beauty, ancient culture, traditions and foods.  

Home of the first cloned dog, South Korea is on the cutting edge of technological advances in medicine and health care. Excellent and skilled physicians, state-of-the-art technology and some of the most advanced healthcare facilities in the world continue to draw medical travelers to South Korea for medical treatments and procedures in organ transplantation, cancer therapy treatments, dental care, plastic and cosmetic surgery and many others. Medical care costs in South Korea are generally ten times less than costs found in the U.S.


Some spine injuries are caused by trauma, while others are caused by internally degenerative conditions that accompany age or some disease processes. They can include but are not limited to spinal stenosis,  herniated disks (also known as herniated discs),  thinning or degenerative disks,  pinched nerves,  bone spurs,  sciatica and   spinal arthritis.


Anyone suffering from pain or limited range of motion may benefit from spine procedures and spinal surgeries. Those suffering from low back pain, sciatica, injuries and deformities may benefit from spinal surgeries. South Korea is a leader in spine care and treatment for spinal injuries. One of their most famous facilities, the Wooridul International Patients Center (WIPC) is world-renowned for their neuro-musculoskeletal disease and injury technologies that offer spine cord function tests and myelogram MR tests to help diagnose and treat elusive conditions with state of the art technology in (just to name a few) partial disc nucleus replacement, percutaneous endoscopic disc treatment, minimally invasive bloodless spinal fusion and more.


For the best in spinal care and spine surgery, don’t forget to look  abroad for some of the best facilities and surgeons in the world.

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