Stem Cell Therapy in India

Did you know that bone marrow stem cell therapy has been practiced for nearly half a century? It has. Actually, bone marrow stem cell therapy is one of the most common treatments for blood and bone disease and conditions like leukemia.

One of the most well known techniques in stem cell therapy today is called a bone marrow stem cell transplant, also known as an adult stem cell transplant. Bone marrow transplants have long been used to help treat patients diagnosed with leukemia as well as a number of blood disorders.  One of the most value products of blood are white blood cells. These cells fight against infection, bacteria and viruses in the body.  Bone marrow contains multipotent and adult stem cells, which can develop in a number of different cell types.

Bone marrow stem cell therapy is actually a bone marrow transplant. A person’s bone marrow (damaged by cancer or other blood or bone disease or blood that has been exposed to chemotherapy and radiation) may be replaced by healthy blood cells that migrate to the patient’s bone marrow. There, the new, healthy cells help produce more of the same, to replace diseased or damaged cells caused by radiation or chemotherapy treatments.

Those traveling to international destinations tens of thousands of dollars or up to 70% on stem cell therapy treatment abroad. Medical travelers to facilities in India such as Stem One Biologicals Pvt Ltd., in Pune, or ADIVA Stem Cell Therapy Center in New Delhi, find the best of care for stem cell therapies that won’t leave you in debt for the rest of your life.

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