Arthritis Treatment Abroad Offers Big Savings

Jackie woke up every morning stiff and sore. She figured she was just getting older, but didn’t think her achy joints should feel this way at age 43. She’d been active all her life, enjoying playing on a women’s soccer team, softball, and, in her more daring moods, rock-climbing. Still, she was startled to read that the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons announced that 1 in 7 Americans experiences bone or joint pain or problems.

After a visit to her doctor, Jackie’s doctor referred her to an orthopedist for care. She’d been diagnosed with facet joint arthritis in her lower back region, and he had noted arthritic joints in her knees and one shoulder.

Jackie mulled over her options. She was not yet prepared for joint surgery, and besides, she was not currently insured and orthopedic surgery in the U.S. was way too expensive for her limited budget. Her friend told her about orthopedic surgery abroad, such as knee replacement surgery or rotator cuff surgery in places like Costa Rica or India. She knew of a sports therapy clinic in Croatia that treated Olympic athletes. Some of the best sports injuries programs in Croatia such as those found at Terme Selce offered professional and amateur athletes like herself the best in care and experience while saving thousands of dollars.

Her own doctor told her about a well-known orthopedic surgeon in India who ran the Madras Joint Replacement Center in Chennai. There, she was told, she could save over 40% on surgery costs compared to what the same procedure cost in the U.S.

Now, Jackie’s on a mission to find affordable treatment from global experts in orthopedics and arthritis care. After all, she’s got more games to play.

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