Stem Cell Clinical Trials Finally Underway in U.S.

Stem cell research, technology and potential treatments and therapies are limitless and research continues full steam ahead. Facilities around the world are currently engaged in all forms of stem cell research and clinical trials using stem cells from umbilical cords to placental stem cells, embryonic and adult stem cells. Each offers potential cures and hope for millions diagnosed with a variety of medical conditions.

For example, information regarding facilities such as EmCell in the Ukraine and Integra Medical Center in Mexico may be researched at, an international medical tourism portal that offers resources and information regarding treatments, technologies and therapies for medical consumers around the globe.

Beike Biotech is located in southern China, offering the expertise of over 60 researchers with Ph.D.s in stem cell technology and development. Since 2005, Beike has treated nearly 10,000 patients with bone-marrow derived stem cells and cord blood.

Progencell-Stem Cell Therapies of Tijuana, Mexico, offer stem cell therapies after years of dedicated research to help improve neurological diseases, vision disorders and lupus, just to name a few. Cellteam Biotechnology of Guadalajara, Mexico also offers stem cell treatments and therapies for spinal cord injuries, pulmonary diseases such as COPD and immunological diseases.

Stem cell therapy and research has become a part of the medical-technological landscape of the 21st century and research and clinical trials are underway in major countries around the world, including the U.S. Recently, completed clinical trials in the U.S. include allogenic non-myeloablative stem cell transplantation trials for individuals diagnosed with various forms of lymphoma and hematologic malignancies associated with leukemia.

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