South Korea: The New Medical Frontier in Technology

South Korea is growing into one of the most popular medical tourism destinations in the Pacific region, and it’s no wonder. According to statistics offered by medical tourism experts in South Korea, pricing for most procedures offered in top locations like Seoul are over ten times lower than the cost for the same procedure or treatment in the U.S.

This savings is not the result of substandard care or facilities, quite the contrary. Lower costs for surgical procedures and medical treatments are available because of different health care delivery systems. In the U.S. costs are directly affected by the high cost of necessary and required medical malpractice insurance.

Rising healthcare costs and concerns regarding availability of care in countries like the U.S., Canada and Great Britain has caused an influx of travelers in South Korea to facilities like the Wooridul Spine Hospital, and the 365mc’s Obesity clinic and Bariatric Surgery Center in Seoul.

Cutting edge technologies and state-of-the-art equipment and surgical tools and design has propelled South Korea into a major position of leading in cosmetic and plastic surgery as well as cardiac care, orthopedic procedures and dentistry.

Facilities like 365 mc’s Obesity Clinic and their Bariatric Surgery Center offer multiple locations for bariatric surgery procedures like gastric band treatment, gastric sleeve gastrectomy, lap band surgery, laparoscopic obesity surgery and other weight loss treatments.

The Wooridul Spine Hospital is one of the most well known spine care facilities in the world, offering neurology, orthopedics, knee and hip surgical procedures with the latest in high-tech equipment and training.

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