Anti-Aging Benefits without a Facelift

What are the benefits of laser-based cosmetic surgery over traditional plastic surgical procedures? Take your pick. A new type of liposuction treatment called Vaser liposelection is increasingly found at the top cosmetic surgery centers offering state of the art treatments, equipment, and technology.

Laser technologies offer high definition liposculpture for men and women that focuses on sculpting rather than debulking techniques to provide the best in aesthetic liposuction procedure results. Vaser high definition liposculpting technology enables plastic surgeons to target formally difficult areas for treatment, such as the chin, neck, waist, knees and ankles.

Laser skin resurfacing is especially effective when dealing with acne scarring or wrinkles caused by crow’s feet.  Produced through a laser that emits amplified light waves, the high energy generated from the tool evaporates, or vaporizes, the top layer of the skin.

Erbium laser treatment options provide an effective and gentle procedure for the reduction and smoothing of mild wrinkles and causes less disruption and discomfort to surrounding tissues. This procedure is ideal for use on the face, hands, chest and neck.  Laser or light treatments serve to smooth the surface of the skin and help to eliminate pigmentation spots caused by sun damage, scarring or age. The laser emits wavelengths that are pulsated at regular frequencies in a scanning motion over the surface of the skin to be treated, and literally remove the uppermost surface layer of the skin.

Why undergo painful and scarring traditional face lift procedures when you can take five to ten years off your face with laser technologies and treatments? Facilities like Ageless Wonders Panama offer a variety of antiaging treatments and skin care options for international travelers. Visit for laser cosmetic and anti-aging resources and achieve the look you want, without the discomfort, downtime and swelling traditionally associated with plastic surgery.

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