South Korea Medical Tourism Market Flourishing

South Korea has been active, and increasingly successful, in generating interest in their ability to attract international medical patients for those requiring treatments and surgeries in plastic surgery to spine surgery and back care to skin care.  South Korean clinics, treatment centers and hospitals are seeing a marked increase in the number of foreign tourists visiting the country for quality and affordable medical services.

“For us, the market for foreign patients is inexhaustible,” stated Lee Sang-jun, a private hospital chair several years ago. His words still ring true today. The head of the Bureau of Health Industry, Lim In-taek recently stated that hospitals throughout South Korea have successfully attracted growing numbers of medical tourists since 2009. “This is a very flourishing area,” says Lim, who expects word-of-mouth to increase tourism numbers to increase from 80,000 in 2010 to an anticipated upward surge of 300,000 by 2015.

Nearly 20 percent of those patients come from the U.S., with citizens from Russia, Vietnam, Mongolia and Hong Kong topping to list.  Hospitals and facilities throughout South Korea cater to patients from around the world, offering quality health care in fields ranging from dermatology to fertility, obesity and weight loss procedures and clinics, to the best in spine care and major surgical procedures.

Medical tourism in Southeast Asia is focusing on South Korea as they’ve focused on providing excellent global access and care to patients needing a variety of efficient, accessible and affordable medical care. South Korean treatment centers, clinics, hospitals and facilities offer reduced wait times, state-of-the-art facilities and highly trained and qualified professionals are ready, willing and able to meet the growing needs of foreign travelers.

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