Addiction Treatment Abroad

As another year comes to a close, people are once again looking to start over. Millions of people are addicted – to something. Eating, smoking, drugs, alcohol… addiction is addiction. Finding help can be costly in the U.S., where waiting lists into addiction treatment facilities are often years long. If you really want to start over, consider traveling abroad for addiction treatment.

Those dealing with self-destructive behaviors and addictions such as bulimia, anorexia, gambling and overeating eventually cause not only mental distress, but physical illnesses such as diabetes, coronary artery disease, and depression. It’s a vicious cycle that soon spins you out of control.

Find natural and traditional detoxification at the Indus Valley Ayurveda Center in India. Locations that offer treatment for drug and substance abuse issues include the Vorobiev clinics in Russia and Serbia, Terme Selce in Croatia, and Yanhee Hospital in Thailand.

Affordable drug rehabilitation facilities abroad provide detox and rehab options for many different types of addictions and behaviors that require supervision, retraining and support. Addiction therapies focus on psychological and psychiatric support. A holistic approach to treatment takes the body, mind, and spirit into consideration, such as found with Ayurvedic treatments. Detoxification, or avoidance therapies are often utilized to help individuals overcome their compulsions and desires to whatever they’re addicted to.

Addiction treatment therapy in the U.S. can cost thousands of dollars a month. However, medical travelers visiting foreign addiction treatment clinics, spas and facilities abroad can save between 30 and 60% on addiction and rehabilitation programs offered in the
United States.



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