Simple Skin Care: Aging & Dehydrated Skin

The cosmetic industry has made us believe that youth is on the bottom of a cream jar and that the most expensive products do wonders for aging or dehydrated skin. Well, things are not as they appear because simple skin care is available at a lower cost. Furthermore, specialists warn us that an anti wrinkle creams will never restore the youthful appearance because most do not contain the right ingredients.

Simple Skin Care: Choosing the Right Cream

simple skin care placidway placidblog dehydrated skinIf you have recently bought a vitamin based anti wrinkle cream, which has been advertised as nutritious and full of minerals, don’t get your hopes up until you have read the full list of ingredients. The only element that actually works to prevent and treat wrinkles is vitamin A., also known as retinol or tretinoin (retinoic acid), a vitamin A derivate.


This cream component reduces wrinkles and thin lines by stimulating collagen production and blood vessels giving you that healthy vivid skin color. Furthermore, tretinoin erases aging brown spots, sunspots and it also improves the overall skin appearance.

To actually see the results, 3-6 months of regular use is in order and in 6-12 months experts say skin is renewed. Be careful, you may experience rashes, so for effective and simple skin care, see that you gradually introduce treitonin in your daily skin routine (with your night cream).

If you have aging or dehydrated skin, be sure to read the full list of ingredients – simple skin care can prove to have great results when the cream contains retinol and retinoic acid or alpha hydroxide combined with tretinoin to achieve extra hydration.

Simple Skin Care: Sun Screen

You don’t need to go to the beach to use sun screen. In winter, for instance, when the snow reflects sunlight, the complexion is just as exposed to radiation as in summer, so an effective sun screen is mandatory in every make-up box.

UV rays attack skin regardless of the season – they destroy the collagen fibers, which the skin’s firmness and elasticity. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are mineral filters that have the ability to block UVA and UVB. These are better than basic chemical lotions like those that absorb radiation and have the PABA (Para-aminobenzoic acid) active component, which may cause an allergic reaction.

Simple skin care is available to all women, so if you have aging or dehydrated skin be sure to always make the informed choice.

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