Healthy Lifestyle Rewards

A healthy lifestyle has its rewards!

Today’s post is about the people that make us change and take action to lead a healthy lifestyle.

One such example lives on the 6th floor. His name is irrelevant but it could be your neighbor or your friend.

Healthy Lifestyle PlacidWay PlacidBlogHe is 91 years old and an example for a healthy lifestyle change. For the past 32 years since he moved to this building he has been very “cautious” with the elevator (the old box gives him the creeps).

So each day he would go shopping and he would then climb the stairs all the way to the 6th floor. I would watch him make the journey and observe that for the years I have known him he was never sick and his grocery bag always had some green and red. To see him at 91 years old still climbing the stairs was inspirational.

Healthy Lifestyle Rewards

This man led a rather healthy lifestyle but didn’t over do it (as in: he ate and did what he knew to stay fit) and he was an inspiration to get more active.

Sitting in front of the computer all day can make you stiff and damage your health. I am no fan of regular exercise but I know how important it is, so I was looking to do something I would enjoy. I found a couple of months ago that the local rig has been reopened. Luckily I convinced two friends to join me and now we have a regular meeting on the ice each week. I was so happy to find people in their 50’s there doing the same thing.

The pain after an hour and a half of skating hits you only the next day, but the fun of it makes it worthwhile. I want to reach 91 years old and be able to climb the stairs all the way to the 6th floor!

Who is/was your inspiration fora healthy lifestyle?

I would like to know about your experiences with wonderful people who just move us by being there.

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Alexandra Brad

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