Rising Popularity of South Korean Medical Care

Ever-rising healthcare costs and concerns regarding availability of care in countries like the U.S., Canada and Great Britain has caused an influx of travelers in South Korea to facilities like the Wooridul Spine Hospital, and the 365mc’s Obesity Clinic and Bariatric Surgery Center in Seoul. Medical tourism in South Korea is booming.

Both cutting edge technologies and state-of-the-art equipment and surgical tools and design has propelled South Korea into a major position of leading in cosmetic and plastic surgery as well as cardiac care, orthopedic procedures and dentistry.

South Korea is a major leader in economics and is one of the wealthiest countries in Asia. Magnificent architecture from ancient dynasties provide tourists with numerous destinations to visit, and outdoor amusements include but are not limited to fishing, sailing, and hiking, and of course, sightseeing.

For spine surgery in South Korea, or the best neurosurgery surgeon in Seoul, Korean spine surgeons and the Wooridul Hospital offer the best of spine center in the region. As a spine specialist hospital, the focus is on spine pain management, techniques, procedures and surgeries that help restore quality of life, pain free living, and greater mobility for international patients.

South Korea, best surgery in South Korea and pricing for most procedures offered in top locations like Seoul are over ten times lower than the cost for the same procedure or treatment in the U.S. Lower costs for surgical procedures and medical treatments are available because of different health care delivery systems. In the U.S. costs are directly affected by the high cost of necessary and required medical malpractice insurance.

Physicians and surgeons in South Korea are able to offer their treatments, procedures and surgeries unburdened by such needs, offering patients the quality they’re looking for at prices they can afford.

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