New Developments in Stem Cell Research

Researchers at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center have been searching for ways to utilize pluripotent stem cells, and have were astounded when they encouraged these cells to develop into what they call functioning intestinal tissue in a laboratory setting. Stem cell research discoveries continue to offer hope to anyone diagnosed with an intestinal malady like inflammatory bowel disease, known as IBD, or other bowel conditions that cause discomfort, embarrassment and serious health issues.

The future of stem cell research, technology and potential treatments and therapies are limitless.  Facilities around the world engage in all forms of stem cell research, from umbilical cord to placental stem cell and adult stem cells offer encouragement and hope.

Facilities such as EmCell in the Ukraine and Integra Medical Center in Mexico may be researched at, an international medical tourism portal that offers resources and information regarding treatments, technologies and therapies for medical consumers around the globe. Look at just a few more stem cell research facilities available to medical travelers today:

  • Bio Care Hospital & Health Center, Mexico
  • Cellteam Biotechnology, Mexico
  • American Stem Cell and AntiAging Center, Ecuador
  • Progencell-Stem Cell Therapies, Mexico
  • Stem Cell MD, Mexico

Adult stem cells are known as undifferentiated cells. They are also known as multipotent cells capable of producing different blood cells. That means that they haven’t specifically developed or grown into a specific type of tissue or organ. Adult stem cells can renew themselves and grow or “morph” to become just about any type of specialized cell, tissue or organ tissue.

Adult stem cells have the capacity to differentiate, or grow into specific types of stem cells that may help replenish damaged or injured cells in muscular tissue, cardiac tissue, brain and nerve tissue.

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